Poster Contest Rules

POSTER CONTEST: @ yourlibrary

Create an award-winning poster for the California School Library Association's Student Poster Contest. Your artwork may be displayed in our state office and on the CSLA website, as well as used on CSLA publications and products.

The contest will focus on CSLA’s key message: "Strong School Libraries Build Strong Students and Lifelong Learners" – with:
  • a full time, Teacher Librarian and a paraprofessional working as a team
  • lots of carefully selected books, technology, and online learning resources
  • a program that provides instruction and activities for students to read and research
  • physical access throughout the day and ongoing online access to the library.
All of which help students succeed.

The main requirement is creativity. Posters will also be judged based on the impact of the image and message to promote CSLA’s key message. You also need to complete the slogan @yourlibrary and include it on the poster.  Examples: The Ultimate Search Engine @yourlibrary.... Make the Grade @yourlibrary... Read.Know.Grow @YourLibrary

Four posters will be chosen, one from each of the following categories:

1. Grades K-2
2. Grades 3-5
3. Grades 6-8
4. Grades 9-12


Poster Contest Rules:

One entry per student. Group projects cannot be accepted. Please tape, not glue, an entry form on the back of each poster. All work must be original and should not reproduce an existing image.

This is a poster creation contest. Consider using manila drawing paper, white construction paper, art board or plain paper. Use your imagination. Crayons, felt pens, poster paints, watercolors, grease pencils, original photography, and original digital media may be used. The tagline @yourlibrary must be included on the poster. There should be a clear indication that the poster relates to a SCHOOL library. Artwork should be 11" x 17" or 12” x 18”. If possible, scan the poster, and email the image (easiest in .jpg) to If you need to mail the poster, email Dr. Farmer for the address.

Deadline: Entries must be submitted and postmarked by Nov. 1, 2012. Winners will be announced at the California School Library Association conference in San Jose.

Legal Stuff:

Students must have their parent's or legal guardian's permission to participate in this contest. Participation in this contest does not guarantee a winning prize. Posters entered into this contest become the exclusive property of the California School Library Association and will not be returned. By entering this contest, participants assign to the California School Library Association any and all copyrights for the posters submitted, and they consent to the public disclosure of the applicant's name, grade, and school for purposes of promoting this and future contests. Here is the ENTRY FORM.