2009 Contest Winners

Thanks, folks, for your students' participation in the 9th annual CSLA poster contest. Here are the 2009 Poster Contest Award winners! (drum roll):

Over 100 students participated in the Ninth Annual CSLA @yourSchoolibrary Poster Contest. Pictures of kids, books, imaginary and realistic images were created using crayon, pencil, paint, and computer. What did they say? Read, Explore New Worlds, Study, Have Fun, Imagine, Get Enlightened – all @yourlibrary!

Judges Lesley Farmer (content coordinator), Chris Farmer (graphic designer), and Kathy Alexander (middle school teacher librarian) selected the following prize winners and honorable mentions:
  • Grand Prize / High School Winner: Samantha Nielsen, Liberty High
  • High School Honorable Mention: Jesse Pak, Beckman High
  • High School Honorable Mention: Monique Somala, Sacred Heart
  • Middle School Winner: Liliana Villanueva, Sierra Middle School
  • Middle School Honorable Mentions: Magdalena Chocoteco and Mariela
  • Tafolla, Sierra Middle School
  • Upper Elementary Winner: Ryan Garrett, Havens Elementary
  • Upper Elementary Honorable Mention: Genevieve Rauchenbush, Havens
  • Elementary
  • Primary Grades Winner: Veronica J. Serrano Rodriguez, Thorner Elementary
  • Primary Grades Honorable Mention: Jacquelyn Barrett, Cram Elementary