Dr. Lesley Farmer created the California School Library Association's popular annual "@YourLibrary" Student Poster Contest in 2001, when the American Library Association first announced its @YourLibrary branding campaign. Since then, every fall hundreds of students create and submit their original work to CSLA's contest. School libraries often have a schoolwide competition, and send in their winners for the state level competition at which students can win $50 or $100.
The CSLA poster contest gives you an opportunity to start the academic year with a motivating student activity that promotes strong school libraries. Here are some examples of past "@ Your Library" titles:
  • Untangle the Web @yourlibrary
  • The Ultimate Search Engine is @yourlibrary
  • The best school supply of all is @yourlibrary
  • Get wired @yourlibrary
  • Find your place @yourlibrary
  • Set your sites! @yourlibrary
  • Something for everyone @yourlibrary
  • Everything from Shaq to Shakespeare @yourlibrary
  • Your final answer @yourlibrary
The winning poster images are featured on the CSLA website, and can be used by CSLA members to “brand” their libraries. What are some ways to use the CSLA poster images?
  • bookmarks
  • incorporated into library stationery, flyers, booklists, business cards, Web site
  • email signature
  • bulletin board and display element
  • PSAs and other voicemail/broadcast elements
  • “advertisement” or banner in community publications
  • theme for library promotions and events
  • T-shirts
  • “thank you” premiums: cups, certificates, book bags
The bottom line? Use @yourlibrary as a way to tie together your public relations efforts. It’s simple, it’s flexible, it’s easy to remember, and it’s national. And it’s @yourlibrary!